Who we are ?


360 Degree is an independent, non-political, non-sectarian NGO that that promotes social entrepreneurship among the youth. We believe that it is essential for the youth to vigorously participate in activities that fundamentally establish social well-being. It is important that the youth set forth a sense of collective responsibility and self-value which we, as an organization, perceive as a prerequisite task for a comparatively younger nation like India. We aim to act as a catalyst to bring about social change, by bringing together youngsters from all walks of life and enabling them to use their skills to their maximum potential for the benefit of our society. Registered as a Charitable Society under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act,1955, in 2016, we presently have volunteer bases in Trivandrum, Bangalore, Amritsar as well as Calicut and hope to expand our horizons to other cities across the country.

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Change does not happen in a day, and definitely not with the effort of one person alone. Let us join hands to shape our society into better one.

What We Do ?

360 Degree believes that the youth of today can transform our world into a much more positive, kind and greener place. We hope to empower the youth in doing this by working with them on various causes brought under the seven heads mentioned below.


Our goal is to act as catalysts for a drastic social chance, and this can only be achieved by taking a multi dimensional approach, focusing on key social issues affecting individual towns, cities or states. This approach would also give an opportunity to our volunteers to work on a cause that they hold close to their heart, rather than working on a cause for the sake of it. And we strongly believe that changes happen only when people start working on it with passion, and passion is something that must come from within.


Meet The Team

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The Beginning


“Our journey started when I connected with and brought together four other young photography enthusiasts from Trivandrum and started an amateur photography group. The idea was to learn from each other and better our skills. That was how 360 Degree came into being in 2014 when I was completing my 12th grade. After setting up, 360 Degree organised a few exhibitions through which we raised money for charity. In the first exhibition held for charity, we were able to raise close to ₹60,000. This made me think, if five of us following a passion could do so much for charity, how much change can be brought to our society if a larger group of the student community, who were passionate to work for the betterment of our society, came together. It is from this thought that the idea of 360 Degree as an NGO sprung to life. We registered as an NGO in 2016 and have been working on various social issues since, empowering and encouraging the student community to grow up being socially responsible.”